Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 35%SC. 

NEA, PCD, Approved for soil treatment. (Green Label Certified).

Formulation: Water based suspension concentrate

Commando 35%SC – termite Exterminator. A non-repellent Termiticide that control termite. A protected zone is created when Commando35%SC is treated to the soil.

The active ingredient of Commando35%SC – “Imidacloprid” which termite cannot be detected as it tunnel through the treated soil. When termites tunnel through the protected barrier of Commando35%SC, they are un-aware of their contact with Commando35%SC on their body.

Commando35%SC – “Transmit nest mate effect”, against whole termite colony As Commando35%SC does not kill termites immediately, termite that has contaminated to Commando35%SC will habitually cleaned and groom, interact with non-expose termites nest mates.This transmission of Commando35%SC from contaminated termite to non-expose termite is known as “transmit nest mate effect”.

This “Transmit nest mate effect” continues to transmit until it reaches the Queen that may exterminated the entire termite colony.


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