Fogmaster 5330 Jr  is a small and highly maneuverable, the Junior is used for air freshening in hotel rooms, odour removal in cars, applying coil cleaners to air conditioning systems, as well as basic pest control application at home.

Fogmaster 5330 Jr  can fog both water and oil based liquids. A one turn valve controls particle size in a range from a 15 micron intermediate fog to a 40 micron heavy mist. It’s easy to calibrate the output rate when changing liquids. Graduated markings on the chemical solution tank provides accurate and easy reference during preparation of application solutions, be it pesticides, sanitizers, deodorants, etc.

Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, this fogger is designed for jobs where a smaller and less expensive cold fogging solution is desired.

The simple on-off switch located above the handle makes the Fogmaster 5330 Jr  a truly user friendly and great utility cold fogger for any home or garden applications.


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